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1 week sample pack - 70g

1 week sample pack - 70g

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Try Fem21 for a week for just $15. 
With FREE SHIPPING in Australia* 
The sample pack comes with x 7 daily doses in a small pouch with a 10g scoop so you can try Fem21 in your smoothies, in juice (we love cranberry) or with just with water.
You may notice over the 7 days improvements in energy, mood & digestive function. This is a risk-free way to determine if Fem21 is right for you, and if you can take it consistently you’ll experience amazing benefits like thousands of other women.
This small pack is also great for work, travel or gifting to your friend.  You can also add this onto your existing order for a discounted rate. 
free shipping is not available internationally but we still are happy to post overseas - postage cost calculated at the checkout.

**PRECAUTIONS: Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or whilst using medications including SYNTHETIC CONTRACEPTIVES (unless under professional guidance). Please discuss use with health care professional if you have any concerns.


Ingredients & Actions:

Fem21 ingredients all natural

Nutritional Panel:

Nutritional Panel