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Fem21 tub with scoop - 300g

Fem21 tub with scoop - 300g

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Do you dread that time of the month? You’ve felt it, the sore breasts, the breakout on your chin, the irrational snapping at your kids followed by the guilt, the getting on the scales and your 2kg heavier wtf?? Hormones can really make you feel like you’re on a freaking roller coaster. Then it’s the abdominal pain, followed by aunt flow who just won’t leave! How about you took this Fem21 stuff and all that disappeared and your period just showed up with no signs like magic. Bet we’d be friends forever. 👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏻

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**PRECAUTIONS: Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or whilst using medications including SYNTHETIC CONTRACEPTIVES (unless under professional guidance). Please discuss use with health care professional if you have any concerns.

Ingredients & Actions:

Fem21 ingredients all natural

Nutritional Panel:

Nutritional Panel