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For women who want to balance their hormones naturally


I know what it’s like when unbalanced hormones are taking over your life...

how it works

Like many women I see in my clinical practice, I started taking the pill in my early 20s to manage my skin, my irregular cycles, and for contraception. After 6 months of persevering I realised that I was having a negative response to the synthetic hormones and was suffering from depression and anxiety.  After coming off this pill I felt better pretty quickly and my moods lifted. I was looking for something to balance my hormones naturally however at this time there wasn't anything available on the market.

Then life happened, and my husband and I decided to start a family as I was at the end of my Naturopathic degree. Unfortunately I went through multiple pregnancy losses and when I did eventually fall pregnant I had threatened miscarriages at 12 and 14 weeks.

After finishing breastfeeding my second daughter, I had the IUD inserted for contraception, but this played havoc with my moods and energy levels. I was adrenally exhausted, constantly bloated, and my skin was terrible. Ironically, I was working as a Naturopath in a fertility clinic – immersed in women's health and hormones – but I was ignoring my own issues. 

One day, I woke up and decided enough was enough 

It was finally time to sort out my own hormones and prioritise myself, after nearly 10 years of looking after everyone else....

I started working on a herbal formulation that combined what I was recommending in my practice for women's hormonal issues testing it on myself along the way.

I noticed my moods and energy improve, my skin cleared, and the bloating improved. 

Then I took it to my patients and watched them have amazing results like:

regular, easy (and pain-free) periods, improved fertility, smoother transition through menopause, no more PMS/PMDD symptoms, clearer skin, better bowel motions

stronger libido, reduction in headaches, better sleep.*

*Please discuss use with a health practitioner for your individual circumstances.

How it works

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For women who want to balance their hormones naturally

I’m now into my second tub of Fem21. This stuff is amazing!! Usually two weeks before my period I can start to feel the symptoms and the week before they are in full swing. From puffiness, bloating, moody, teary, tired. And the worst sore breasts EVER to the point that when I take my bra off at night I have to hold them because I am in so much pain… Well I am the happiest chick around at the moment because my period is due in four days, and I have Zero, None, Zilch symptoms whatsoever!!!!  I can not believe it... Please don’t ever stop making this miracle powder.


Guys! I had bought some Fem21, I was taking it for about 3 months and also had a friend give me her supply as she had to go off it (because she was pregnant).  I also changed my diet for the last year I was off all meat except fish . . . I still cannot believe I have fallen pregnant naturally! We have had fertility issues for 10 years, one child via IVF, multiple failed cycles trying to have more children and here I am 4 months pregnant NATURALLY . . . I still can’t believe it. Thank you for creating such an amazing product.


Love Fem21, it has saved me from the horrendous period pain I was experiencing. Early last year my pain had me heading to the hospital regularly.  Dr's thought I might have Endometriosis and suggested I either have a laparoscopy or go on the pill, neither appealed to me. By some miracle I found Fem21, started taking it and gone are the regular trips to the hospital.  So Meah, thank you for creating something that is so very precious to me.


I was having hot flushes 40mins apart and night sweats that made it virtually impossible to sleep or rest due to the hormonal imbalances of pre menopause. I tried everything from the doctors, except HRT to no avail. Then I saw the advertisement on FB for Fem21 and thought, this is my last resort before having to have HRT. Since taking Fem21 my symptoms have disappeared and I'm leading a normal life again. My husband says that Fem21 is the 8th wonder of the World lol... And I totally agree. Couldn't and wouldn't be with out it. Thank you for transforming my life!


I just want to let you know that I have been drinking Fem21 for over 6 months now and my periods are more regular than they ever have before. I started drinking it after stopping my contraceptives that caused so many problems in my body. My PCOS causes extreme acne, but ever since I've been drinking Fem21, my acne has gone down incredibly. I take 1.5 scoops every morning. Thank you for all that it has done for me. I am subscribed online to receive the biggest pack every 3 months which is a great saving.  Thank you so much I'm so excited to find something that actually works!


Hope you are well. I just want to say a huge thank you as I’ve just had my period and it was a breeze compared to the ones I’ve had over the years. I only had to take pain relief once due to a headache which is unheard for me as I usually need it five days out of the seven. Thank you so much as Fem21 is really making a difference and it’s only been 2 months!


The superfood powder designed specifically women.


For balancing your hormones naturally. Containing 21 ingredients specific for women's health.  Also supporting liver and digestive cleansing, greens to alkalise the body, adrenal health and energy, thyroid health and metabolism.  This superfood and herbal blend is developed by Naturopath Meah Robertson.

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Eco Refill - 300g

Refill contains 300g of bulk Fem21 powder. Purchase at 10% off the normal RRP to refill your existing container. Your 300g supply comes in a brown recycled paper bag.  Keep your empty container and scoop to simply add your refill of Fem21. Well done for doing your little bit for the environment.

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