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“Do you feel like your hormones are out of whack?

I certainly did! Hi I’m Meah Robertson, Naturopath and creator of Fem21, plus a mum of 2 girls.  I felt like I was on a terrible hormonal rollercoaster, month after month.  Fem21 has changed that for me and has helped thousands of other women to balance their hormones and feel great! 

For me it started as a teenager with irregular cycles, hormonal acne and dark hair growth (around the mouth, nipples, snail trail and a pubic hair line that extended down to the middle of my thighs), typical PCOS symptoms. I tried the pill for contraception and to level things out, but my body hated it.  I became terribly depressed and anxious and I knew it just wasn’t for me.  So after persevering for about 6 months I came off the pill and quickly fell pregnant.  Then at 3 months miscarried (2 weeks before our wedding in 2005) which was pretty full on.  I then went on to fall pregnant again a few months later (that’s my eldest daughter Ava), I breastfed Ava for 2 years, and whilst breastfeeding fell pregnant (with my second daughter Jada).  I then breastfed again for another 2 years.  I was so worn out I couldn’t fathom having another baby anytime soon so I had an IUD put in for contraception as I couldn’t do the pill again and there aren’t many options out their for women!  Each cycle I would feel so tired, sluggish, bloated, emotionally up & down swinging from cranky to teary.  I had terrible cystic acne and breakouts on my jawline and around my mouth. Both around ovulation and my period, I felt like as I would heal from one lot of pimples the next would pop up.  I struggled for many years feeling like crap, but pushing through it was terrible for my confidence and sense of self.  I was a hormonal train wreck.  

One morning I just snapped, I woke up and thought enough is enough, I have to get back on track I can’t keep feeling like this.

I was prescribing liquid herbs in practice but I just couldn’t commit to talking them myself consistently.  So I thought why don’t I create a powdered herbal formula that supports women like me and my patients. There wasn’t anything natural on the market that balanced hormones holistically in a superfood powder. So in 2014 I got to work on creating Fem21 to help hormonal balancing, liver & digestive cleansing and alkalising the body.  Along with adrenal herbs to help energy and stress and thyroid herbs which are great for metabolism in our cells and help our hormones.   As a Naturopath you learn that gut health is integral to overall health. I wanted to include plenty of fibre and probiotics, perfecting the formula.  

It took me about 12 months of tweaking before I was happy with the end result which is now Fem21.  If I was going to take it everyday and expect other women to do the same it had to taste ok.  I think we’ve achieved this whilst keeping it free from any fillers, added sugar, or anything synthetic.  Also wanted it to be gluten and dairy free as they can cause problems for some women.  It’s a really easy daily routine to mix in water, juice or a smoothie and it just helps to keep everything on track.  I say it’s functional not fun, it’s more about what it does right! But don’t worry it doesn't taste as bad as it looks.  

Fem21 came out in 2015  and over the years we have continued to hear amazing feedback from women.  With how it’s helped with PMS, or bring an absent period back, or reducing period pain, or resolving menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, it’s helped with hormonal acne and helped women with fertility issues get pregnant, which is awesome! It really covers a lot of problems. It’s made a huge difference for me and I hope that you experience your own amazing results with Fem21.”



Meah Robertson Naturopath

Created by Gold Coast Naturopath Meah Robertson BHSc. (Nat)
Meah Robertson is an experienced Naturopathic Physician and has been specialising in women’s health & integrative natural medicine in clinical practice since 2006. Meah continues to be an accredited member of the Naturopathic Association ANTA. 

Meah loves educating and empowering women to live happier, healthier lives and frequently gives talks and hosts seminars/workshops specific for women’s health. Meah has been invited as a speaker at a number of expos, on podcasts, at natural health events, as well as speaking at schools to parents, teachers and high school girls. She has also given seminars to the community on general health, nutritional weight loss, hormones, environmental considerations, emotional health & stress.

Meah’s interest in Natural Health came at an early age as her mother was a Nutritionist and her late father was a holistic Chiropractor. Helping people is very much an ingrained family tradition as well as her older sister being in health & lifestyle industry running a beautiful Day Spa in North Queensland. Born & raised in the tropical town of Cairns, Meah moved to the Gold Coast in 2002 to begin her studies in Natural Medicine. It was on the Gold Coast that she met her husband and settled into family life with her 2 beautiful daughters. Here she enjoys working from home, bush walks, gardening and spending time with her extended family and friends including her dogs and chickens.

Meah’s Naturopathic career started out at one of Australia’s top Fertility Clinic’s Sharkey’s Healing Centre.

There for 5 years from 2007-2012 she specialised in fertility and supported countless couples on their fertility journey.

From this experience she has gained an in depth knowledge about fertility issues / infertility and is very passionate about helping couples. In conjunction with this she has also learned a great deal about women’s health, hormone balance and by utilising natural therapies she’s found how it can make a big difference to how women are feeling physically, mentally & emotionally.

From 2013 Meah then ventured out into her own business/practice working with integrative GP’s on the Gold Coast and broadening her client base to encompass women’s health generally. She also incorporated a deeper level of holistic support for her patients for their emotional health as well as their physical health, offering holistic counselling alongside her naturopathic treatment suggestions. 

Meah loves educating and empowering women to live happier, healthier lives.  If you'd like to book Meah for a speaking event please contact us.

After an 18 month sabbatical Meah has reopened her clinical practice to incorporate Naturopathy and Intuitive Guidance in her consultations.  If you'd like to book please contact meahrobertson@yahoo.com.au or text 0402118546.


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