Inside & Out Acne Pack

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Finally you've found it, an all in one holistic solution to clear up acne.  Supporting the body inside and out.  When formulating the skin care, I worked with a compounding chemist, took advice from dermal therapist and used my own experience. I hunted around for a good zinc formulation and I love that this Blackmores blend has vitamin A, B6 and zinc all so important for skin. For so long I struggled with my skin and over complicated things.  I had tried everything under the sun for skin care and did all the things internally think detox, no sugar, no diary etc.

It wasn't until I supported my body from the inside out, increased my zinc stores, got my hormones, liver and gut sorted. AND implemented simple steps with my skin care that it finally came together. 

I've applied these principles as a Naturopath in clinic with my patients for many years with great results. I'm happy to share my experience through this pack.  Good luck with it!

Pack contains:

  • Fem21 - 300g (1 month supply)
  • Bio Zinc - Blackmores x 168 tablets
  • B3 Serum with Hyaluronic acid - 25ml 
  • Skin Tingle with Glycolic Acid mask/exfoliate- (3-6 month supply) 
  • Detailed info card, outlining: skin care (suggestions for cleansers, moisturisers, sunscreen, makeup etc.), diet & lifestyle suggestions, supplement information.

Great value when purchasing this as a pack, the individual items add up to over $220. 


Balances Hormones
Enhances Liver Detox
Improves Gut Health
Improves Skin Health
Reduces Redness & Pigmentation
Reduces Severity & Frequency of breakouts

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Inside & Out Acne Pack

Inside & Out Acne Pack

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Jade used the Inside Out Acne Pack for 3 months




Tips & Usage Guide

  • Fem21 can be taken with or without food anytime of the day
  • If taking 2 scoops / day separate your doses to 1 in the morning 1 at night



Thank you

I will say it definitely changed my hormones for the better. My period pain & symptoms decreased & the biggest thing is it almost completely eliminated my hormonal acne. It was very bad & my skin has cleared so much due to Fem21. I have the pictures if you want to see how much it changed haha. I am a big advocate for Fem21 & my friends have started using it too. I don’t know if Meah actually reads these emails or if it is an employee but I want to say thank you to Meah. Fem21 saved my face & brought back my confidence. I love that things are natural in this product. I stumbled upon the brand when I was crying one night in desperation to naturally cure my acne & found a youtube video of a girl who used your product. I listened to you talk on different podcasts too to hear your perspective. Thank you for making this product.


Cleared my cystic acne

I just wanted to thank you so much for your product, I can’t live without it now!

I had awful acne after coming off the pill and couldn’t budge it for years. I saw a naturopath for a little while and started to make a difference, but the appointments were so expensive (like $300 every two weeks 😭) it wasn’t sustainable. A friend mentioned how much she liked your product so I gave it a go and by taking it twice a day I’ve totally cleared my skin and experience hardly any hormonal mood swings around my period. LIFE CHANGING!!!

Thank you!


Worth the wait

Little update, these products have helped so so so much! I am literally so glad I tried out the Acne Pack. 💕💕 my hormonal acne has really gone down - does take a while for it to kick in, I'm happy I was consistent and stuck with it xx


Skin & Bowels are good!

Loving it! Thanks so much. Skin is so much clearer, pain has reduced around periods (great for Endo) & much better bowel movements after only a few weeks. Thanks so much xx