10 Ways to Balance your Hormones Naturally

10 ways to naturally balance your hormones

  1. Reduce caffeine intake
Caffeine spikes the stress hormone (cortisol). Having elevated cortisol levels can interfere with hormone balance. Minimise caffeine to 1 coffee per day, aim for 3 caffeine free days / week, avoid energy drinks and soft drink.

2. Balance blood sugar levels

Ensuring balanced blood sugar levels is essential to balancing hormones. Eating regular meals that are abundant in healthy fats & proteins is key to stabilising blood sugar levels.  Signs of blood sugar imbalances are sugar cravings, irritability (or feeling hangry- angry when hungry), brain fog, trembling/shakiness, heart palpitations and energy crashes.  Introducing apple cider vinegar into your water to drink through the day or having it just before a meal can help sugar cravings.

3. Reduce sugar intake

Refined sugar is inflammatory to the body and can cause imbalances to blood sugar and insulin levels. High levels of insulin can lead to hormonal imbalances.  Introducing more protein earlier in the day, before lunch will help your balance your blood sugar levels and may help you to reduce your total sugar intake.  As protein helps you to feel fuller for longer.

4.  Sleep

Sleep is essential for repair and recovery. When women are deprived of adequate quality sleep it can contribute to imbalances within the endocrine (hormonal) system. Aim for 8 hours of sleep per night. For improved quality sleep, avoid blue light emitted from phones, computer & TV screens at least 2 hours before bed.

5. Manage stress

When under stress, the body/adrenals produces a hormone called cortisol, also known as ‘the stress hormone’. Chronically elevated levels of cortisol can contribute to imbalances with oestrogen and progesterone. Meditation, exercise, and breathing exercises are all proven ways to reduce cortisol & help manage stress.

A class of herbal medicines called ‘adaptogens’ are also recognised for helping to improve the stress response and improve the body’s ability to cope with stressful situations. 

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6. Exercise

Exercise is essential for good hormonal health and metabolism. Exercise improves blood sugar regulation, reduces stress, is important for gut health and helps to control appetite. Aim for 30 mins-1 hour, minimum of 3 / week of movement that you enjoy.  Ideally incorporate a combination of different types of exercise such as stretching (yoga / pilates), resistance (weight bearing) and cardio (walking, HIIT, cycling, swimming).

7. Fibre

Fibre is really important for healthy oestrogen excretion – meaning it is essential for hormonal health. In the gut, fibre binds with hormones that are no longer needed and helps carry them out of the body. Inadequate intake of fibre is linked to the recirculation of oestrogen, which can contribute to symptoms such as premenstrual syndrome, bloating, headaches, painful periods and blood clots.

8. Consider eliminating dairy products

Dairy consumption can contribute to period problems such as heavy periods, period pain and PMS. This is most likely due to the A1 casein (protein) found in cow’s milk. For some people this protein can cause increased histamine production & inflammation within the body, which causes problems to hormonal & menstrual health.

Dairy products also increase insulin-like growth factor 1, which is linked to skin breakouts and acne.

9. Consider supplementation

Hormonal imbalances can occur if nutrient deficiencies are present. You may want to assess your nutrient status with a Naturopath to determine if supplementation is required for you.  Common nutrient deficiencies associated with hormone imbalances include low levels of zinc, magnesium, iodine and iron.  B-vitamins may also be useful if you have adrenal issues alongside your hormonal imbalance.

10. Fem21

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