Updates to the sisterhood subscription

Updates to the sisterhood subscription
Thank you to everyone that has been apart of the Fem21 subscription model saving you 21% off 🙌We’ve had over 400 people sign up to the sisterhood over the last 12 months which is phenomenal! We’ve had our share of limitations and issues with WooCoomerce and I’m excited to utilise ReCharge for managing subscriptions from now on. I’m hoping that it will be a lot better! As it gives you the heads up when your next order is going to be processed along with easier account management so you can pause or modify your deliveries as needed. I’m also hoping to bring in some additional benefits for the sisterhood members, think cool merchandise, free online workshops and maybe a girls wellness lunch 🤔💃🏻🧖‍♀️💅🏻💆‍♀️ Thanks for all your support and if you have any questions or issues with your subscription please let me know ❤️ Meah x

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